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JNT Technical Services Inc. markets specialized performance and maintenance equipment for the power generation and other energy related industries. In addition, JNT distributes many innovative products and services covered by U.S. and worldwide patents. Specific commercialized products are listed by trademark. If you would like additional information, please feel free contact our technical service staff.

Infra-View® Infrared Boiler/Furnace Thermometers
Passive infrared detectors for in-situ mounting on boilers or furnaces for sensing internal gas temperatures from 250° F to 3,000° F. Infra-View® will enhance performance and operation efficiency during startup, refine sootblower operation, and reduce slagging and ash fusion.

Infra-View® GB/IS Generator Bus Bar Thermometer
the Infra-View GB/IS Generator Bus Temperature Monitor is a sensor designed to remotely measure the iso-phase bus temperatures in real time with non-contact infrared technology. High temperature conditions can be annunciated and observed preventing possible bus failure.

Torq' N Seal ® Plugs
High and Low pressure plugs designed for sealing leaks in heat exchangers such as feedwater heaters, condensers etc. in excess of 6500 psi. with simple hand tools.

TubePlug.com - Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs
TubePlug.com is a one source site for all heat exchanger tube plugs from simple tapered pins to nuclear qualified safety related Torq N' Seal® Plugs available in all sizes and alloys.

Porta-Safe® Load Centers
Electric load distribution centers for temporary and permanent jobsite power requirements. Designs include step down power from 480/600 VAC 3ø primaries to 120/240 V 1ø GFI protected secondary in a 2 or 4 wheeled cart with lifting eyes.

Esco Tool manufactures high quality end-prep tools that work efficiently for boiler tubes and large diameter pipe cutting and prepping operations.

R&D and JNT Nano Technology Based Solutions
JNT Technical Services Inc. has worked on numerous research and design related projects with customers based on their requirements for applications. Perhaps we have a system or product for your plant that we can adapt or develop in concert with your engineers based on mechanical, electrical or Nano Technology principles.

JNT develops nano technology based solutions to maintenance and operational problems in Power Plants, Refineries and Chemical Plants.

JNT - Jorgensen Nano Technology

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